Who Is BitterSweet?

The two strangers never knew what was coming when they first crossed paths in their collegiate a cappella group. If dating wasn't wild enough, the duo's relationship took on another dynamic layer when they formed the musical duo BitterSweet 4 years later. 

Puerto Rican Desiree Borges of La Plata, Maryland, and White Boy Ryan Donoghue of Ellicott City, Maryland searched far and wide in their home state for performance opportunities, but COVID-19 restrictions (had made that a dead mission). Determined to further their career, they shifted their attention on promoting their merchandise, which would rapidly blossom into the Las Vegas based apparel line, BitterSweet LifeStyles. 

BitterSweet LifeStyles' mission is to shift the paradigm of "work" as a means to live, to "work" as a loving service that enables creative expression. Going against the grain, taking risks, and living your dreams is a life of dramatic highs and lows. For those who wouldn't have it any other way, welcome to the BitterSweet LifeStyle.


Did somebody say "GLOW UP??"